Sample auto email scripts?

Micah Lakics
We just switched to ReyRey's CM system a few days ago. Accordingly, we are looking to bring our initial email auto-response message back in-house. What have other dealerships found to be an effective or catchy auto-response? (like the email that a customer gets to tell them their inquiry was received)
Kendra Masters
I agree with Chris--if you can have a quote to the customer within an hour or so, skip the autoresponder altogether (if for staffing reasons or whatever you don't think that'll be possible, you should put into place a short and sweet confirmation that you received their inquiry and are on it.) You should definitely have an after-hours autoresponder for leads submitted outside of regular business hours though, letting them know they're a priority and that you'll get back to them soon. While brevity is definitely key, we've found that it's also a good idea to add a couple bullet points about how your goal is to make the car buying experience as transparent and straight-forward as possible, provide information when they want it (because you know they're busy) and how they want it (phone, text, email, etc.)
Rikki Tachman

Hey Micah, as far as email templates go, I've done a lot of research on my own to see what customers respond to. Firstly, you need to ensure that your BDC reps are responding to the leads as soon as they hit the CRM...I'm talking within seconds. Make a template that is basically called an immediate responder template. This is an email you send out as soon as the lead comes in. It's short and to the point. 

Our's basically says this:

(Customer's Name)

Thank you for requesting information about our vehicles and promotions. We’re excited to give you all the information you need. One of our Internet specialists will be with you shortly. If you are inquiring after hours, we will be in touch with you promptly the next morning.

If you need anything before then, please call me direct at [dealerphone].

Thanks Again!

This way you can quickly respond back to the customer. Then make sure that right after the rep sends that e-mail, they make the Day 1 phone call. 

Hope this helps! Let me know if you need anything else.

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