Seeking feedback ELeads Vs Vin Solutions

Cathy Nuccio
I'm evaluating CRM solutions. Would like feedback from current Users of these 2 solutions. Biggest areas of interest desking solution and sales reports.
Ricky Wood
I am a Vin user for 5 years and while there are pros and cons to any CRM - Vin is by far a superior tool for customer retention and process set up. The desking tool (with most current upgrade) has become on par with the other tools out there - including eleads. The standard sales reports are very good and any of them can be customized with the help of your VinPro. Like any tool, the "crap in, crap out" rule applies. What DMS are you on? I am currently at NADA Dealer School and 70% of the other GM's and DP's in my class are also on Vin - that's obviously anecdotal information but its always nice to know what the best of the best use.
Lauren Moses
Still new at all of this but we use Eleads. I for the most part have not had a problem with it, and they have done well for us. However; I've never used VIN so I have nothing to compare to. I honestly don't even know how VIN works. Knowledge is Power. I'll sit back and read and learn.
Mark Rask
We chose dealer socket about a year ago
Megan Barto
We've been on VinSolutions since 2007 - and I can tell you this from experience. Your CRM is only as good as the info you put into it/how much you customize it. I have 27 (no lie - maybe more) custom reports in VinSolutions - from Today's Appointments to Aged Inventory to RO's - which are e-mailed to the people that need them (Desk Managers, F & I, etc) - everyday. With VinSolutions, you can schedule these reports to hit your inbox at a specific time everyday. For example, the "Today's Appointments" reports - show up in my desk manager's inboxes at 6:00 AM - so while they're sitting, eating their breakfasts - they can see how many set appointments and what cars they're on. If you have any specific questions about Vin - let me know! :-)
Carlo Castillo
Have been with Vinsolutions for 5 years now and they been good for us. Their Tech Support is fantastic! If you decide to go with them make sure your VinPro goes over all of your CRM processes before training your staff. Their ever evolving processes can be so dynamic now from when I first started with them.

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