Seeking Professional Advice from the DS Community

Good Afternoon DS Community! I am posting in hopes of connecting with anyone who has professional contacts and/or suggestions as to the next steps in my career. After spending 4 years as an Account Executive selling and maintaining advertising campaigns (Digital and Print) for my dealership clients, I realized that there was one common problem I was trying to overcome again and again; Training of the front line reps who fielded most of the opportunities I brought my customers seemed to be lacking on a massive scale. (please don’t take assault, dealers’, this is a very common occurrence and in no way am I bashing) This was a day to day hurdle I faced, having to prove ROI on programs and campaigns that were clearly effective, however the face of the stores (BDC Reps) were often asleep at the wheel, making it hard to justify the expense of even the most effective marketing campaign. I followed up with opportunities, ups that came in by phone and email, screened literally thousands of phone ups, and wanted to bang my head against a wall. All of my efforts seemed to be going down the drain. I needed to have an impact on the automotive community in more meaningful way. In late 2013 I began my own company, Red Line Automotive Marketing; I positioned myself as a BDC Implementation Professional and set up several of these among my own clientele base. I installed, managed and maintained BDC Operations in stores that hadn’t previously had anyone looking out for that end of their operations. The results were as I had expected. Activity and Sales exploded once someone who took accountability for follow up and marketing strategy stepped into the picture. It was at this point that I truly understood how important the RIGHT training and process was within the BDC operations of a dealer. I’m at the point in my career where I am asking myself “What’s Next, Colin”? I wanted to reach out to ask if anyone has any suggestions or could leverage any of their contacts for Career Opportunities for an Automotive Marketing Professional like myself with a passion to keep growing. Thanks in Advance, Colin
mark rask
Colin your thoughts are right on. I will reach out to you next week
Megan Barto
Sounds like you're not happy running your own business... are you looking to grow that or to jump into a dealership?
Hi Megan, to be honest, I'm a one man operation. I am looking to get involved with an organization that has more infrastructure and more opportunity to further my professional growth. The past year has, in fact, been an exceptional one, in that I've developed a real sense of purpose, increased my confidence level in my ability to make a real difference in the day to day operations of dealers and gained a much greater insight as to the inner workings of the dealer environment. With all that said, I am ideally looking to jump into a dealer or dealer group environment or possibly into a training organization.
Megan Barto
There's a ton to learn while being in a dealership - I recommend jumping into one and leaning *all* aspects (at least of variable) you may find you actually love it!
Big Tom LaPointe
Marketing to stores is a battle every day. you are competing for time with GMs that in many cases they don't give to their own employees. if you have the tenacity to stick with it, but want a stronger product, then by all means jump on with another vendor who will appreciate your contacts and experience.

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