Sell More Used Cars

Drew Bettiol

Howdy All!

Just wondering what techniques are you all using to drive more Used car sales? TrueCar and are failing miserably for us and we are trying to find other alternatives that are better performing Paid or Free. I am open to suggestions. What is your golden egg for used cars?

Derrick Woolfson

One of the things that helps us is the *descriptions* making sure to use unique words, and of course, constantly reviewing how many VDP views we have gotten. For example, if we got 300 views on a car, but did not get a call or lead then it has to be the price, photos, or description. This is not to say that it will sell several cars, but it will make a difference. 

Chris K Leslie

CARFAX has been pretty solid for us lately. It’s affordable compared to other marketplace’s and the return has been steady. 

Drew Bettiol

@Derrick, Do you just track your VDP views through Google Analytics? or do you use a different platform? That is actually really good advice!

Drew Bettiol

@Chris, I have been thinking about pitching CARFAX to my bosses. They've been trying to get our business for a while and it seems to be time to start using them.

Derrick Woolfson

@Drew, in my last group we used vAuto. It was a solid tool as it helped tremendously when it came to "days to market." In that, if it was an overly supplied car we knew that we had to cut the losses now vs. waiting, and waiting to then sell it at auction and lose even more money. The tool also then allowed us to increase prices on vehicles that were less common, and have a shorter "days to market." It is much easier to manage inventory when you have the data to work with. In the current group, at this time, we use GA but are looking to find the right inventory tool.  

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