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Byron Womack
I have a few of my preowned managers telling me that they are not getting as many leads as they use to. When I try to explain that possibly they are purchasing less than desirable vehicles, they are not pricing them competitive, they scoff at the idea. Does anyone have any ideas or a article that I could share with them on this matter?
Jim Bell
Leads are down all across the country is what I am hearing from different markets. Look at your vehicle detail pages. Mine are going up and traffic is trending up also. I am thinking that a lot of dealers are seeing some 'floor traffic' as a result of good online merchandising.
Steve Devereaux
What are you saying Jim? Leads are down, but floor traffic is up? We were a lot busier last year at this time used car wise. I can't pinpoint why. My guess is the used car market is down. October/November of last year was real busy for us. It's a declining market. Used car prices are falling for the first time in a long time. Has anyone read any Polk data regarding the used car market or know where I can get it? Bryon, smack your managers over the head with a hacksaw! Just kidding....
Jim Bell
Our traffic is up as well as sales so I don't think you can say that it is that the market is down. I don't think it is at all. It all comes down to marketing and merchandising on the right sites.
Steve Devereaux
Yeah, to be honest with you the dealership's overall sales YTD is up 40%. We sold a lot more vehicles as well. I think our units are up about 30-35%. A lot of that has to do with an increased inventory because we haven't changed anything with what sites we are advertising on. It was either October or November of last year that we sold 42 used, which we haven't been getting close to that number here in a while and we have a larger inventory than last year. Is dealix pretty good for used car leads as well? You said your on KBB too... Doesn't Vehix put you on KBB as well? Probably not premium.... We are signing up with Vehix and in the process of dealix

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