Selling Women v/s Men! What say you?

royce dennis
Many sales specialist are failing in this area. I have experienced coworkers, GMs, and Dealer Principles continue to insult women buyer's with DUMMY selling techniques. How are you selling the sexes? Do your men get the "Transparency" and the women get the "Fluff" ? What's your couple approach? I see old timers focuses on the men. Not including or directing the "SELL" at the wife or girlfriend.
Lauren Moses
There has to be a happy medium. As a woman I feel like I connect with the women better because we tend to focus on some of the same things. We don't worry so much about it being a diesel or gas engine in a "Big Truck", we worry about is it going to have the space and convenience to haul everything we need it to, including people. And yet, you have some women that can "speak truck" better than some men. With every people that walks on the lot or calls in, you have to find out who the decision maker is and tailor to that person while still including the other. You don't want to risk insulting either of the shoppers because you only talk to one. As for the "Transparency" and "Fluff", as a consumer why can't I just have "transparent fluff"?
Neale Martin
I say treat everybody equally. If you encourage your sales reps to use gender stereotypes in their sales approach, they're going to make poor assumptions that could cost them a sale. The rule of thumb should just be 'playing it by ear'. There's no one technique that will work on all women, nor is there one that would work on all men. It's taught to never judge a person when they walk onto the lot based on their appearance. Gender should be included in that philosophy.
mark rask
This is a huge deal....a large pct of purchases are influenced by women
Anne Fleming
As showcased in the 2015 US Women's Car Dealership Report 'trust" and 'respect" are the top reasons a woman buys from a sales associate, regardless of purchasing with or without her partner. Good EQ's are an important ingredient in selling to all customers, especially women: Listen, Ask, Support...and have a 'Don't Interrupt Policy'. Also, while design is important, women can take a more utility-minded view towards her vehicle - so appreciating and understand that while she is with her spouse/partner can assist. If she feels placated or patronized she will walk and take her business, and residual business elsewhere.
royce dennis
@Sheri - Totally agree! Women hold the "KEYS" - One of my Local dealers rolls out the red carpet for his Female clients Nails - Drinks - I think they may even have a dang HairDresser in the dealership. HAHAHAHAHAHA and this is a Hyundai store. Women are far more educated as it relates to car buying than they once were.

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