Steve Simon
Can you tell me a good company to handle the SEO/SEM of the website and what questions should be asked when interviewing a company. Thank you
Carl Maeda
Hello Steve, you can give us a call. When interviewing a company, make sure they can fit your needs. If you have something specific in mind, write them down so you can ask the company. Here are some basic questions to get you going: SEM - Ask about their strategy. Do they A/B test everything? (Ads, landing pages, etc) Do you integrate specials and incentives into the ads to attract more clicks? Do you create landing pages to maximize leads once you pay for the click? What is the management fee? SEO Ask to see results of past clients. Do you do on-site SEO? (Basically, changing/Adding pages to your website) Off-site SEO? (Links, forums, etc) Local SEO? Help/assist or do the social media? If so, what platforms (Facebook, Google+, etc) Basically, get a good idea of what they do so you can check up on them later on. For both services, I would insist on a month-to-month contract so you can cancel if they under-perform.
Ron Henson
Hi Steve, Make sure you check out the Vendor Ratings section of this site and you can get opinions from dealers all over the country regarding companies that provide the services you are looking for. Thanks for participating in the forums!
Chris K Leslie
That's a loaded question... I would say learn what it's all about first. That way you know what to look for maybe. "good" is completely suggestive.
Robert Karbaum
Steve, I would start with this: What problem are you hoping to solve?
Chris Speer
There are a lot of good SEO/SEM company's. It's important to ask to see actual work they have done and be sure to look for somebody who is focused on the type of results you want. Anybody can drive traffic but it is equally important that the traffic is high quality. I would highly recommend my friends at Konigco and their unique approach using video marketing. You can test their product instantly at their page here:

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