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Fallon Price
We're in the market for new vendors. While shopping, we've noticed that several companies offer several services. I understand the advantage of having everything connected but would love some feedback. For example, we're researching Dealer E Process for our website provider and they also offer SEO/SEM. This seems convenient as far as keeping the offers uniform across the mediums (not to mention, easy/transparent reporting) but then we would need to find someone to handle our conquest marketing (direct mail, email). If we go with someone like PCG for our PPC, then we're still looking for a website provider and conquest marketing. Force Marketing offers SEO/SEM and conquest marketing but not websites so then someone (read: me) will have to keep the different providers up to date on any offers/vehicle specials. Any advice?
Aaron Wyse
You want to handle most of your own specials anyway.. The website providers will have access to the Corporate specials.. But anything you wish to do locally, I would recommend doing yourself.. Ask for demos of the back end utilities for doing your specials.. Look for one you feel is user friendly. I'm not a fan of some of these companies that want to offer everthing in one stop.. They're usually just playing middle mad for the other vendors anyway.
Fallon Price
Aaron: Thanks for your reply. We handle our own specials but having a provider who handles the website and the PPC, would make it very easy for me to adjust which vehicles have offers/specials and have it updated effortlessly across the board. Especially if said vehicle gets sold, it will be removed as quickly.
Aaron Wyse
We've got our site through DealerOn; any vehicles that get sold are automatically removed. Our PPC is handled through a company called DOM360.. and I would not recommend them. I feel they are overpriced for the end results; but they also do little more than redistribute manufacture supplied graphics and ad copy.
Craig Waikem
I would recommend Dealer E and their SEM. I think it's a good idea having your website provider manage your SEM.
Carl Maeda
I'm biased here but if done right, the website provider has several clear advantages when doing your SEO and SEM. For SEO, they have the highest level of access to the actual code. Its' easier and less time consuming (ie they can charge less) to do SEO. On SEM, again, it is easier and less time consuming for the website provider to make changes to the website. This is in an ideal situation and many website providers offer great websites but may not offer a strong SEO or SEM platform. You also get the ease of having one contact to update your specials, weekly ads, etc. (and hopefully, they will update your SEO and SEM campaigns with that information)

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