Service Drive / Vehicle Exchange

Shaun Weissman
Good morning all - For our Acura store we are re-implementing our vehicle exchange program right now for the service drive. We look at upcoming service appointments as well as use Auto Alert. I have my BDC calling and emailing each "Alert" or customer that would be in an equity position. What else are people doing to make this successful? Thank you,
Jason Davis
We offer a "Service Refund" for any customer pay repair order. Many times all the decision makers are not present when the customer is here. By offering a refund of any CP RO we pick up a few deals that I don't think we would without it. For example, customer replaces tires and does normal service and has a ~$1k service bill. They are a little more likely to consider trading the vehicle a week later with us if we refund the ticket. Most of the time the ticket is for things we would do during normal recon any way. Also, if we trade a vehicle in the advisor on the trade-in and the technician complete the job and are paid as if the trade never happened. This helps with getting the advisors to promote the program and not interfere with the sales efforts.
Christopher Murray
Jason that is a great idea and one I plan to start on right now! Thanks for sharing!!!!
Lauren Moses
I have to agree Great idea Jason. It is actually alot like what happened to me when I purchased my Terrain from the dealership I am now working at. We had just put new tires on on my old car not 3 days before something kinda major went out. I don't remember what it was but our bill would have been around $500 and they said after that things would just keep happening. So we got them to go ahead and order parts to get it fixed and started looking at new vehicles. In the end I got my new car, had equity in my trade, and they paid off my tires that were now 4 days old. I didn't have to pay for the repairs to my old car, and drove home in a new car. We have done things of the sort around here every so often, but we don't have the service department regularly sending customers too us unless the customer just says they are interested in a new vehicle. Shaun, as for the actual question of what are we doing? We just got a list of customers with equity in their trade and will be sending out letters to them announcing our Fall Round Up and reminding them of our Big Buck Contest along with letting them know that they have equity in their trade. I would consider doing something on the facebook or any social you have to gather email addresses that you can then use to email flyers out. You may not know their equity BUT you can have coupons in there, an extra $500 on their trade (on 20.. year model or newer vehicles only), etc. that might draw them in to the dealership. Anything that can plant a seed and get them the itch to purchase. I honestly thought about getting some of the hang tags with the new car sent and mailing them out to customers with a flyer and such.
Dennis Wagner
It is time to implement the $500-1000 Gift Card with each new or used car purchase. It really works well this time of year with everyone thinking of Christmas shopping and the holidays coming up. It always draws a huge crowd and in some cases you can negotiate it out of the deal. Just hold back $1000 ACV on every trade and offer to let the customer use the card to make up the difference in trade value. Works like a charm!
Shaun Weissman
Loving the feedback! Keep it coming! Thank you

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