Service Marketing

Chris K Leslie

What do you guys do in addition to the OEM stuff that goes out. I don’t see many dealers pressing very hard on the service marketing budget. Is there a reason for that? 

Derrick Woolfson

@Chris! Right, it is a struggle for sure, and PLEASE - let's STOP the whole "FREE oil change gig," because it is not always free as the customer does pay shop supplies (in most cases), and it can cause frustration on the customers end. The other thing to consider, too, is that if we just keep offering FREE oil changes - it can make upselling a bit more difficult. One thing we have done in the past is geo-fence big-box service centers, and look at what they are currently promoting. At which point, we offer the same or similar service at a lower rate. 

Kevin Kulma

Reason being is.......

1) GMs the majority of the time is from sales and is sales oriented and focused.

2) Smart marketers like yourself are either told not to bother with Fixed or it isn't part of your pay plan

3) Then therefore the Service Mgr and/or FO Director is left to make marketing decisions and they are nervous/unsure about digital so they stick with OEM plans that only rely on direct mail and a CRM email blast.   

When was the last time with your store(s) that the budget for sales was 90% direct mail/email marketing?  

Chris K Leslie

Kevin, that is a really great answer and pretty spot on from what I've seen. I am always curious why more marketers pay plans dont involve more aspects of the business. 

Kevin Kulma

Chris - yeah, I have been on the variable marketing side for awhile.   When starting the work on fixed, it is like where as digital marketing we were as a business 10 years ago.   There really is so much potential! 

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