Should I remove branding from SEM campaigns?

Mike Fortier
We have a 60 plus year old business that has great branding- should we be paying our search company for our low hanging fruit?
James Altemus
Are you aware of anyone buying your name for their own SEM purposes? Depending on how much you are spending on your own name, you might want to keep a small defensive spend going.
James Antos
Doesn't look like Bob Mariano or Contemporary Chrysler are bidding on your name at all. You have a unique url and brand name as well. How much out your ad budget is your own name costing you in clicks? You could take those dollars and do some more targeting than you already are into Milford, NH. As I can see Bob and Contemporary are all up in your back yard with some of their ad budget just not for your name. Hope this helps.
Clint Jones
I had a company handling my SEM and Adwords. That was a sore subject with me. I always hated paying for a click that was 1/2" from the first of 15 organic search results.

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