Should Salespeople Ask for Reviews at the Store?

Larry Schlagheck
My question to a dealer that disagrees with you, JD, would be "Why not?" Sending follow up emails, etc. is all part of the job so why not include a brief request to rate the dealership? Embrace and leverage these touch points. Once these are embedded in your process it will become second nature. The check-out cashier at my local grocery store and Home Depot ask me to rate their service/store. I see no reason why car store should not do the same.
Ryan Leslie
Excellent point Larry, and they aren't even commissioned on future sales! There are two main reasons that individuals don't ask for reviews. Either they are afraid of what the customer might say about the experience or they may not fully understand the impact that reviews with their name in them have on future sales and service, but in either case education is the answer. I bet Megan Barto can add some color to this conversation...
Cory Cox
I strongly believe in seeking feedback -- and that reviews, positive and negative can be very very helpful. There are tools out there to support this process. I am deeply familiar with one that proactively manages the process based on DMS transaction data. Getting the positives onto the net, and the issues to work thru promptly to the attention of dealer management, provides immense power to transform operations, build an online impression, and cement relationship between consumer and dealership employee / management. And to Micah's comment, follow through, it is indeed critical. But automation can help so much. Dealer culture and employee commitment help to drive the rest.
Ayrrion Boxton
Great Point Micah Birkholz. I would also take it a step further on the number 2 point by strongly suggesting replies on ALL reviews; positive and negative. This shows the reviewer of the reviews see that you care about your reputation and will address consumers concerns publicly and transparently.
Cory Cox
Good point Ayrrion. Transparency and access are key.

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