Site Aiming to be "Google for Cars"

Chip Diggs
Did anyone else see the story about a site that wants to become the "Google For Cars"? If not the story can be found in an article written by Auto Remarketing on 3/25. The URL for the so called "Google for Cars" is: AU.TO. The reason why I bring this to the forefront is I'm curious how others feel about these types of sites taking your inventory and making money off of it? How is it these sites take your inventory and showcase it without your consent? Shouldn't they have to pay us a fee to use our inventory? If not, why not? Your dealership or auto group paid for it. Shouldn't your dealership reap "all" of the benefits of owning this inventory? You may ask why should you or I care? Since your team works their tails off to get this inventory it should be up to them who can showcase it. No other company should be able utilize your inventory in any way without your consent. More importantly how are they marketing your inventory? In the case of this website they have our inventory listed in a town that we do not have a dealership in. Since the majority of clients show up looking for cars without calling or emailing shouldn't these sites at least have to get the information right? What about the way your inventory is displayed on these sites? Again, in the case of our groups inventory our vehicles looked like crap. Due to the sizing of the sites initial picture half of our car is missing. Since we spend a boatload to take great pictures the last thing we want is to have our cars displayed like garbage. My issue...who said you could use my stuff in the first place?? Take a look at the site and read the article if you can find it. Let me know what you guys think. Isn't it time we tell these third party sites that if they want to use our inventory they will have to pay for it. I sure know I get my fair share of invoices from Cars & to know that it's usually a pay to play type of proposition. I'm ready to get paid...what about you???
Jason Nelson
It is a new site, good or bad they have inventory, but they do not have the traffic. This is the first I have seen of it, I google car sites to see what is new and it has never come up. I agree with you, they should not be listing dealer inventory without some type of agreement or subscription in place.
Paul Schnell
Very interesting. They are framing the stores' VDP, which is copyrighted information. You could always issue cease-and-desist, right? My concern is their grading system seems to be quite arbitrary. Whatever scraping system they use isn't pulling my prices so it "ranks" my cars below others, even when I have lower miles and price for the same car. They have some work to do, for sure. Thanks for the heads-up!
Chris K Leslie
Paul, you could try the copyright thing but it's the internet man and you wouldn't get very far. All of us agree to certain things like feeds being sent to other places via the contracts we sign with any provider we use. Homenet, Autotrader, you name it and I guarantee there is a clause in there that allows them to send your inventory to 3rd parties. There is no wrapping your hands around it unless you quit sending feeds to anyone and everyone including your website provider.
Grant Gooley
This will be very interesting to see where it goes! Automotive - never a dull moment!
Evan Brown
I love this.. finally someones doing what should have been done years ago. I love the internet.

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