Snap Chat

Marshal Finch

Just wondering if anyone has tried snap chat ads? How important is the millennial market to your dealership? If have seen success with dynamic  vin retargeting and audience targeting.  It seems like it is an under utilized platform with out a lot of competing. Compared to google where the costs keep going up from competition.

Karen Ann

Yes. Lots of views, terrible bounce rate. Fairly reasonable spend for branding. There's no dynamic inventory integration or remarketing (that I know of).

I'm not sure I'd consider it a millennial market; all of my friends, my adult children and my friends teenagers all use it a lot.

Mark Rask

Didn't work well for us 

Derrick Woolfson

I have yet to find a way of making it successful, and while I am not saying it is irrelevant to market on, the 'purpose' of the platform does not seem to be in alignment with how a customer searches/uses other platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. And even then, we have obviously seen the best ROI/Success on FB where the average age is 45. 

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