Evan Brown
So today I finally decided to make a snapchat account for the store.. Has anyone successfully implemented snapchat into their overall digital strategy?
Grant Gooley
I have never heard of anyone using Snapchat for business. But hey, there was a time we said that about many other social channels! I would love to hear if anyone has had success with this in Automotive. Good on you Even for trying new things. It's the only way to learn if it works or not!
Lauren Moses
Evan, I have thought about using snapchat several times since I'm an avid user on my own account. It gets pretty crazy some of the things my friends and I come up with. What kinds of pictures/videos are you taking? Also, are you pushing it on your other social media sites to get people to add you as a friend? Great for you for pushing into new territory. I am very interested to see how it works out....I may go ahead and start one for us, though I don't know how many other people in our area actually use Snapchat.
Evan Brown
Lauren, I'm also an avid user. It has probably become my favorite social app and that's exactly why I decided to make one for the store. I now check my snapchat first thing every morning along with email, fb, twitter and Instagram so I figure others are doing the same. I haven't started pushing to other channels yet, or even posting for that matter. I'm going to start brainstorming today. My first order of business is to add anyone in the store that uses it. Let me challenge you to make an account and we can share our experiences with each other.
Lauren Moses
Evan, Definitely. I think it would be a great way to let customers see behind the scenes so to speak. Like...Me and on of the other salesman have been pranking each other back and forth...He's well over due after having stickered my car twice now. Posting things like that on snapchat I think will give customers a view that we aren't crooks, that we are just as normal as they are... You know? Have you thought about maybe doing coupons? I don't know if you could snap a picture of a coupon and they could screen shot it fast enough. Maybe something to think about.
Evan Brown
Totally, we are humans! lol Yes I thought of that.. I'm also going to include something on my VDP's that says "Add us on snapchat to see a real time walk around of this vehicle!"

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