Chris K Leslie

Anyone using Snapchat at their dealership? Not so much personally, more as a brand.

Derrick Woolfson

We tried it, Chris but it didn't work. Mostly because our customer demographics are 35+ years old. And that said, the people viewing stories were not our target customer. I will, however, offer that SnapChat could be fun to do a promotional event on. But even then because the customer does not have a profile that is *shared* when following a dealer there really isn't any useful (or meaningful) information for the dealer to use. JMO. 

Tori Zinger

I like the idea of using it for a promotional event, Derrick. Even if the profile isn't shared, you could do a filter that has the dealership branding!

Karen Ann

We have tried Snapchat ads. The visits to our website were short with very high bounce rate and no engagement...but those were also the type of visitors I was targeting. I'll be trying again. No coop for Snap.

We also made a filter, but unsure of usage within the geo-fence surrounding our dealership - it feels meh. 

Billing/invoicing for accounting was risky, only comes via email. 

Christian Salazar

is it still at $50 per day minimum for brands?

Karen Ann

Yes, per campaign. BUT you can set a Lifetime Spend Cap per Ad Set min is $50 but dates seem to flexible. 

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