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Lindsey Auguste
There's lot of really great posts and discussions on the DrivingSales site centered around social media - Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, personal blogs, and more - and it got me thinking. What social media tool do you find is the most important tool that you use? Which do you put the most effort into or find the best results from? I'd love to hear from you what you use and why.
Jeff Cryder
Your website and your blog should be considered your house. Other tools such as Facebook, Twitter, [insert tool here] should be utilized to help build that house. I'll put it another way, your website and blog should be seen as the destination, not Facebook, Twitter. Focus your time and effort on building a better house not the screwdriver.
Eric Miltsch
@Lindsey, One of my favorite "tools" as of late, is Postling. It's one of the simplest ways to connect all of your SM properties and listen (& respond) in real-time. Setup is quick, very simple to use & helps you stay focused on the rest of the items on your plate during the day. (or night) Check it out here:
Lindsey Auguste
Jeff - I like the way you put that. It's a really great foundation to work on your blog and site first, control the branding and move from there. How much do you suggest focusing on tools like facebook and twitter when they're not your "home base" of sorts? Eric - Thanks for the reference for postling, I hadn't seen that one yet. How does it differ from other dashboards like hootsuite? Great comments, guys, thanks for contributing!
Eric Miltsch
@Lindsey - It's really quite similar - price points for the pro versions are lower. I think the blog posting function may be a little different in it's ability to post fully formatted blogs. (haven't used HS in a while - could be wrong) The other little thing I like is how it doesn't appear as "ominous" to newer users - Hootsuite and other tools can be intimidating to some. As a listening tool, this has made it simple - especially when sharing activity with others internally.
Greg Mills
What is everyone's thoughts on the company They look like they have a great tool but do the games and the overall tool work?

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