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Victoria Dillabough

In the days of social media ever growing and becoming exceedingly popular... how do you make a car dealership as exciting to follow as say, a trendy restaurant, or influencer to someone who is NOT a car person?! Do you do ALL car related posts, a mix of things, or how do you become "follow worthy"?

Suzanne  Laine

I try to put the spotlight on our staff, and customers with their purchases.  I also post new and used vehicles from our own inventory (but not every day).  I try to stay away from the more generic posts, unless it's something new and unusual.  It's the people that truly brand a dealership.

Victoria Dillabough

I love this Suzzane.

Do you ever do contests to get more followers? 

Suzanne  Laine

I don't really like doing contests because Facebook has so many contest rules that prohibit things, such as requiring that someone share and/or like your page to enter.  I do make sure that I invite people who interact with our boosted posts to like our page.  They are better followers anyway, as they are interested in more than just winning something.  Therefore we get more organic likes and shares on posts.  Another thing I do is to ask new employees to invite their friends and family members to like our page.  Organic activity is truly the most valuable.

Bart Wilson

I think the car can be the focal point.  What I mean is if you sell Fords, you have vehicles like the Raptor that can have a following.  Each brand has vehicles with fan bases.  How about producing content and going after them?

Ben Cheema

WE actually do do "follow contests" at our stores but we find it doesnt generate much 

We are thinking of branching in to BLOGS and VLOGS for our social spaces to make them more fun / engaging

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