Social Media Facts

David Tokarsky
We all know that social media is something we can no longer ignore to be an industry leader. If you think it's over rated you better watch this:
Aaron Wyse
If worked properly, social media is an incredible asset. Unfortunately, I see far too many dealers paying 3rd parties to "manage" their social media. Most dealerships have enough qualified people on staff to maintain and monitor the social media sites so much better than the 3rd parties. Local people are more in touch with their communities. When handled properly, I have seen such incredible profits that come from social media sources, as a per deal basis.. .
Lauren Moses
great video and just goes to show how fast the world is changing. Get with it or get left behind.
Alex Lau
@Aaron Wyse, wrong, it's the other way around. 99% of dealerships do not have qualified HR teams in place to even begin to know what they should be looking for in a social media person. The kids straight out of college and the Art Institutes (don't get me laughing), don't do an adequate enough of a job. Organic is dead. I called this 2.5 years ago. How did you think Facebook would start to make money?
Robert Karbaum
What is interesting, is that most of this video is the same content from 2009: and 2010:
David Tokarsky
Ha, you are right Robert! I just watched those and they are indeed lots of the same content. Either way its new information to me and it was a bit of an eye opener since I haven't been a social media guy until now. Thanks for the post!

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