Social Media Policies

Lauren Moses
Okay every, Need a little help. I need a social media policy for employees and also for customers. Any ideas of where to go to find a good generic that I can tweak to meet our needs? Much appreciated.
jeffrey gaul
Lauren, we looked into this recently and came up with a few places to start writing our own. I hope one of these links will help.
Lauren Moses
Jeffrey, Thank you so much. I will definitely be looking into them.
Chris K Leslie
This one is by far my favorite and so simple.
Grant Gooley
Great links guys! Thank you as well! One important addition you don't want to miss: "No employee is allowed to use the dealership name and or branding in any social environment UNLESS the dealership has ownership of the password. I had a situation where a sales associate built up a Facebook page with over 1000 likes. The page was called "John Doe Dealership Name" He had left on not so great terms and decided to not give over the password. When he went to a new dealership, he changed the name of the Facebook page using the new Dealership's name... bad news. Don't learn the hard way like we did!
Lauren Moses
Thanks y'all. Its something that I have had to learn the hard way this last week and put it up to management to implement one. I gave them a few examples and we are going to work on getting it done this week. Grant, That is a great idea. Though I don't honestly know that we would really have that as an issue here. With just over 20 employees total we only have about half that are on Facebook. But I will mention it to the GM. I think the only one they would have to worry about really would be me, since the only other person with access to our FB page is the GM.

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