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Olivia Devereux
We are hosting a contest to try and increase our fan base and haven't had a lot of success yet. What is the best time of day to post on Facebook and Twitter to get the highest response volume. And what would be the best way to get people who participate to share the contest with their friends?
Brad Hensley
Here is a press release on the statistics for Facebook. It might help with knowing when to post...
Liz Presson
Hi Olivia, There are many answers to this question, but I really think the best way to increase involvement is to promote offline as well. Promotions and contests are great for building online networks and they can be a great reason for people who don't know about your networks to join! I think signage and WOM at the dealership level play a huge part. Make sure service/sales people are talking about the promotion and the social networks.
Olivia Devereux
Thanks for the responses! The facebook stats are interesting, but aren't really all that specific and I think it's a great idea to promote offline as well. But as far as online promotion goes, does anyone have any research on whether it's best to post in the morning, during lunch, after work?
Jim Bell
Here are 2 programs that we did. The first one added over 150 fans in 1 week and was successful. You do have to be ready to spend a little money. The other idea that I have seen in getting new fans is to do a drawing for an iPad, iTouch, and a Nano. If they are sharing on facebook, 'hey, like so and so and get registered for an iPad, that would be effective since it is a hot item right now. There's my 2 cents.
Liz Presson
Olivia, here are some stats you might be interested in. The first link is really recent, and it is something we are discussing on our webinar today. The others are stats we've presented in the past-- they discuss exactly what you're asking about (timing of post, etc.)

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