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Mike Fox
If you have skilled manpower in house, then it will be better to do it yourself. The person who is going to handle social media accounts must be competent enough and must have knowledge in it. Otherwise, outsource to a professional company for social media management.
Brian Miller
Unlike the debate over in-house vs. out-sourcing your detail work. Instead, approach Social Media like phone skills, focusing on the member of your staff who spend a lot of time on the phone and give “good phone”. You amy have a candidate right under your nose that could help, who loves their job and who they work for. Don’t limit your self to one person, let several people contribute and make it a price thing. While some Social Media companies may get the job done, often their posting are generic and impersonal. These outside services will never capture the unique personality that is your dealership.
Stan Sher
Thank you for your responses. I agree with Brian with regards to handling it like phone skills. If your going to do it then do it right.
Russ Chandler
I think its best for their to be a partnership made between your in-house staff and an outside professional vendor. If it is with the right vendor then the line of communication to your internal according department should be wide open to keep the strategy and content personal. It should appear as it is being managed by your staff to the consumer. Social media is very time consuming to stay at the cutting edge with, which is also going to be expensive internally. As Brian said you should be leveraging employee's from all levels of your business to provide content and contribution. One person can act as the vendors point of contact and the vendor will like the execution team. An internal staff would never be able to keep up with leading technology and strategy like a vendor who manages hundreds of accounts to pull ideas from.
Brian Miller
Russ is on the money there from the technology side of things. In today’s fast pace world things are always changing. Weather we are talking social media, inventory management, lead management or any other service where a dealer to vender relationship exists. In all cases, an open line of communication is key on both sides. In the social media realm, a personal message will always have a stronger impact. A team like Russ mentioned, allows your messaging to originate by a member of your team with the correct point, intonation and emotion. A good social media vender will preserve this while assuring spelling, punctuation and proper broadcasting implemented.

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