Social Media Specialist

Cynthia Cochrane-Little
hi, we're adding a Social Media Specialist to our BDC, and i'm at a loss of how to pay him. he will work on our Facebook pages, develop a twitter account / following, and control or manager our reputation management - online complaints, etc. any ideas or suggestions for a pay plan? thanks
Jared Hamilton
What are the core metrics you hope this person will achieve for you? Think beyond friends and followers and ask yourself what do you really hope to get out of the social media properties? Web Traffic? Phone Calls? Better brand awareness and reach? Once you identify those core objectives I would recommend a combination of base salary plus performance bonus based on the core objectives you flush out. Its a different type of pay, and frankly performance, than most dealers are use to. I see few dealers making this level of commitment to their online presence, I commend you for leading the industry and taking the leap!
Haywood J
One approach would be to heavily incentivize every positive reputation item from a customer or prospective customer, and also include bonuses for sales that also have some sort of social "tag". Using tools like Social Oomph and Hootsuite, just about ANYONE can fill this seat if they're properly motivated to PRODUCE sales and GUARD your dealership's reputation with their life! :)
Cynthia Cochrane-Little
thank you Jared and "Haywood"! great suggestions - our goal is to increase our fanbase on facebook to include more customers, yes, but also their friends, giving us the opportunity to MAKE them customers! i like the idea of incentivizing positive comments online! thanks again!
Joey Little
I think it should all start with a social media/networking strategy before any content is pushed. You can find social media strategy templates online. Try searching through Google first.

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