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Lindsay Lavery
In my opinion yes one person can handle that. The first few months might be tough learning the backend of sites and branding those channels. My suggestion is to have the person be very familiar with how to use business pages of these main social media sites: Twitter, FB, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube and Pinterest. Maybe add a blog and a few press releases. The main website is likely where the most traffic comes so they'll spend a lot of time there especially if your dealership has service, bodyshop, parts etc. In addition he or she will do reputation management with the review sites. This position also entails lots of analytics and determining what metrics to study. I am guessing do not have this person do merchandising photos and descriptions. The salary recommendation certainly depends on qualifications and what market you are in. :) If you ever wanna chat further my office is 330-823-1100 ext. 1024. Good luck!
Matt Lowery
If you are just looking at some social posts, blogging, and website content, look at any colleges in your area. College students are always looking for this kind of part time work, and tend to work cheap. Now this is far different than if you are looking for a true SEO solution. So I would ask what are you hoping to gain by this position? If its a social presence, than absolutely this is easy to do and cheap. If you are looking to really increase your SEO I would be hesitant to hire one person to do that.
Chris K Leslie
Andrew, from the sounds of it you guys are a nervous about bringing one someone who may or may not be as easy to fire like a vendor would be. It is totally understandable. I've been in this industry (not just automotive but media and agency levels) for some time now and I will tell you that if you don't know what you want yet. You need to spend more time defining what it is you think you are missing and if adding another person can help bring you to level that you want to be at. Hesitation and uncertainty will deliver unqualified candidates and most likely leave a bad taste in your mouth. You can not pay this position using the same "sales" person pay plan mindset. They are not even in the same category. The reason i say this is that think about this for a second. How many people research vehicles online before they visit your store? how many site do they visit, How important is it to you to be awesome at everything you do on the web from social, blogging, web management etc? if you answered very important then you need to understand that none of those positions have anything to do with sales. they have everything to do with position your and your brand as the leader in the market which should hopefully in return drive the entire stores revenue in every department. I can't express enough that if you do not offer a fair salary for the expectations that I am sure you have. You will not get the outcome that you are looking for. Like I said before it is better to hold off and decide and define exactly what you need and why before jumping in. Lindsay you are right one. Yes, one person can handle all of that. More so if it is for a single dealership. I I use they are an All-in-one Internet marketing platform for SEO, Social Media, PPC and Content. Research, manage, monitor and report on every aspect of your campaign. It integrates with everything from Google Analytics, Webmaster Tools and adwords. also, Wordstream, Majestic SEO and Opensite Explorer. They have an integrated social content management system that will allow a user to create and schedule content as well as run it through Scribe for SEO relevancy and post to the appropriate channels. My favorite part is the competitor research dashboard. So what I am getting at is that one person with a tool like that can create, execute and report back the way you want it. I use it for my dealer group. Andrew, Another thing you should consider if you have not already is the fact that this person is going to be responsible for 60 - 80% of the sales that happen on your lot. Many dealers for some reason still seemed to be blind by the fact that every person who walks on that lot knows more about you and the inventory than most of your sales staff. It is this persons job to manage the sales funnel all the way until they are on the lot That can take days, weeks, months. That is organization, attention to detail and effective strategic planning. Sales guys get the last tail end piece of the funnel which by the time the person is on the lot should be the easiest. What I am saying is that this is must be a valued salaried position. More than you are probably comfortable paying. But the reality is, is that without that person doing a great job. Your showroom is going to be a ghost town. So please do not discount the value of what this person brings to your organization. Matt, I can see where you are coming from but the times have a changed my friend. People like me pray on people like that. The ones with little marketing and little knowledge in this vastly complicated space. If you continue to look at this position in your dealership as being part time. The part timer mentality is going to come across in your brand message. It's the nature of the beast. You would be better off not even trying at that point and just outsource everything.

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