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Stan Sher
So I have been toying with the idea of starting my own company. As you all know I am big into social networking and blogging. So I was wondering how this can lead into a successful opportunity. Well I see a lot of businesses that are now starting to create facebook, myspace, ning, and many other pages. It is obvious that social networking and blogging can be a very strong marketing tool. However, many people have to invest a lot of time into their social networking efforts. Social networking can be used to blog about positive things that take place in your dealership, promotions, special events, sales events, and much more. A strong social networking presence can help create a stronger reputation management. What if there was a company that charged a simple, low, flat monthly fee to handle social networking, blogging, and marketing for dealerships and vendors on a professional level? Do you think this could take off? Would you company be interested in having a third party company handle this aspect of your b
Eric Miltsch
Stan, I've seen several people make a go at this recently - unfortunately it hasn't been successful. And here's why - they were too short sighted; over-promising and under-delivering. Many feel that by simply recommending a "social" strategy their business will suddenly explode. The social strategy should be a complimentary extension of every other effort and act as another bridge for that message. Why limit yourself to just the social channels when this can be one element of a greater knowledge arsenal? Increase your potential opportunities by helping the business from a higher vantage point. A misfired launch of a client's social initiative, b/c they chose the wrong person to represent themselves, will most likely result in that weight being put solely on your shoulders. (if you're planning on being that person from the start, your workload could quickly overwhelm with just a couple of clients) Don't take this message as something I wouldn't recommend, rather just be sure your own process,

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