Randy Taylor
Has anyone had any experience with SocialUPs? I'm having a hard time getting excited about this marketing company who hasn't updated their blog in almost a month, and most of their "Fans" on Facebook look like they just left a Motley Crue concert. But if they work...
Jared Hamilton
Ive never heard of them, but any social media company that has not updated their blog in about a month is not doing social media right. Just sayin' There are plenty of people doing social media well, what kind of support you are looking at?
Jared Hamilton
Lindsey - welcome to the community, glad to see you engage. Thanks for jumping in, please dont take anything personal by my comment. No company is perfect at least you are not afraid to respond to criticism honestly & head on. Most companies miss that and your response is proof you are on your game. I respect your getting invovled. Nice & Welcome. Message me if I can do anything for you.
Randy Taylor
Jared, I agree. However, I asked because if they are out kicking butt, I want to know! And while I was not excited to see an "outdated" blog and wasn't impressed with those who "like" them on facebook, experience often tells that the housepainter's house needs painting. But not always.

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