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Ryan Gillis

Hey Guys,

I know we can send out emails/texts asking the customer for a review, is there software out there that will take a photo we shoot, take text that we input, tag our dealership and send it as a ready-to-post message to the customer?  Meaning they just have to click it and click post to share it on their social media? 

Our goal is to do all of the work needed for the post, but for it to appear organic on the customers social media, while still tagging us.

Bart Wilson

@Ryan, while we wait for people to chime in on their favorites, I wanted to make sure you were aware of the reputation management category on Vendor Ratings.  You'll see who dealer personnel think are the best solutions.

Bruno Vincent

Hi Ryan,

Not sure what you mean, but sounds like you want to send and HTML email with dynamic links to your social media profiles and include image attachment, in bulk?

Would you want to this via excel spreadsheet? Or maybe through a form on the website?

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