Someone to Handle our CRM Marketing for us?

Jeremiah Smith

Does Anyone Know of any good 3rd party consultants/reps we can hire to manage our crm and crm marketing? Looking for someone who can setup automated campaigns, mass emails, and handle the maintenance that goes along with a crm. We use DealerSocket CRM Thanks!

Derrick Woolfson

Jeremiah, I would be hesitant to give a vendor full access to my CRM like that. However, your CRM might offer a la carte services for your CRM on the above requests. As for automated campaigns, your CRM might even have a tool where you can design/edit templates. 

Mark Rask

i would not do that either 

Marshal Finch

There are some reputable companies that will do that for you. does not get access to your CRM They require an export of the data. They have a great ROI. It protects the data in your crm from being messed with and gets you the service you need.

Zack Smith has customized dynamic advertising campaigns that are easily integrated with your website so your inventory is always up to date and does not have access to your crm. Their unique campaigns have been extremely successful for numerous dealerships all over North America with selling cars that just came on to the lot as well as 90+ day old inventory. I know they also offer email marketing campaigns, social media management, maintain reputation management as well as a brand building strategy

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