Spreading Christmas Cheer

Lauren Moses
What does your dealership do during the holidays for the employees, community, or others in general? By no means anything has to be a promotion. Could just be something out of the goodness of their hearts. and GO!
Linda Loepker
Santa has his annual visit. Janet puts up a huge Christmas village. We collect coats, toys and food. oh - the funnest is Santa's letters! We have a mini post office drop box (looks official), to collect the letters, and they all get a response from the North Pole. As long as the address can be read. :p We have also adopted families through local churches
Lauren Moses
Linda, I LOVE the Santa's Letters! Especially since I have kids of my own that we were just talking about writing Santa letters. I will have to find out what all we have as far as decorations. Do y'all do a special Christmas party for Employees?
Linda Loepker
We all go to dinner and then some go bowling, all here in town. Dinner is very nice. Kind of thinking about throwing out the idea of going to a comedy club or something.....
Robert Karbaum
Does anyone still do the Xmas cards out to all their customers?
Lauren Moses
I am going today to go pick some up to send to my customers. I don't have that many since I'm still so new at this. But I think that it is a very nice gesture that more people should do. I also think that it shouldn't be limited to JUST salesman. Manager, service, F&I, anyone can do it. Who doesn't love getting Christmas cards?

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