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Derrick Woolfson

With all the real estate available on the site, have you taken advantage of adding an SRP banner GIF to your inventory, or other landing pages? We have seen an increase in our CTR & Conversion by adding the banners to our site. The banners have a payment offer or "discount" for parts/service. 

Carl Maeda

Yes - this is something we advise our clients to do as well!

They work really well, especially when you combine it with paid search and other digital marketing campaign and advertise the same offer on the SRP as the ad.

Arthur Bratton

Hey Derrick, We utilize skinny static imagery on our SRPs which seems to work pretty well. Do you use animated GIFs? Do you have examples?

On our CDK site we use the personalized customer experience tool to target the banners based on browsing history which is pretty nice but our other sites the process is more manual.

Monthly implementation is fairly time intense so we are always looking for process improvements.

Does anyone know of a Google Ads style platform that would allow us to deploy the creative across multiple sites (obviously without the pay per click component)?



Bart Wilson


Great idea.  Thanks for sharing!  If I read your question correctly, you are looking for a way to publish these ads over multiple web platforms.  Do you own these other sites?  Could you provide a little more insight?

Derrick Woolfson

@Arthur, I do - but I have yet to figure out how to post a photo on here :( when/if I can figure that out I will be sure to do so! As for the GIF SRP Banners, we use Canva! They are very inexpensive at $12.95 a month. They have pre-sized dimensions, and offer several stock photos as a part of the subscription! Be sure to check them out, 

And that is a great question! I am not sure if they even offer that? And as for third party, they allow for conquesting for OEM's or dealers that I am sure pay a substantial fee to conquest on your dealers VDP pages. 

Derrick Woolfson

@Carl, exactly - it draws attention to select vehicles/specials, and it keeps the customer on your site, which is the end goal. That and converting of course. 

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