Starting from scratch (almost!)...

Rick LaCour
I am in a small-town Ford store that has been around for a very long time, but without a very big web presence. If you all were starting an Internet Dept from scratch, what are your top three-four "must have" products?
Dan Ferguson
Off the top of my head...(I'm sure others will agree/disagree)> 1. Solid website with strong SEO infrastructure, must be easy to update and keep consistent with offline and OEM initiatives. 2. $1000-$2500 Search Engine Marketing Budget 3. Internet Lead Manager software(ILM) 4. Internet Sales Rep - backed by solid pay plan and process. Let me know if you have any questions...happy to share info on pay plans/process.
Rick LaCour
Hi Dan, Thanks for the feedback. We're working on a better website, so that will help quite a bit. I have the ILM (through Ford). It works fine (it does what I need it to do, at least!). And, as far as, staff...well, that's me. I am basically a one-man department. When you have the time, can you give me a bit more info on the Search Engine Marketing? We are in between two larger markets (Austin & San Antonio) so we kind of get hit from both sides. Thanks! -Rick
Dealer Support
Hey Rick Our website is based on our own framework geared for SEO and SEM. In simpler terms, we practice what we preach. And following this strategy we below is what we have achieved #1 on "You push dms" #2 on "unlimited inventory photos" First page on "Craigslist inventory tool" First page for "Unlimited data exports" First page for "Comment builder" You can do some of the SEM (search engine marketing) yourself by using the 10 minute a day guide Since you are between markets you may want to use the Offense/Defense strategy for your marketing needs as explained Hope this helps Thanks Smit 1-888-990-8827
Dave Harmer
Hey Rick, Dave Harmer from here I am right down the street in San Antonio would love to help and the other 2 posters have great input indeed. I know there is a strategy to work both markets and believe you have a big advantage to boot. Feel free to call me anytime 210-204-3857
Carl Bauer
Rick, Having owned a small/medium sized dealership myself, make sure you whatever company you choose, that you are able to talk to support quickly and easily. If you need any help, please let us know. All the best, Carl

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