Stitched Videos to Youtube

Chris K Leslie
I am trying to create a historical database and am thinking youtube is the place to do that. Does anyone know if cars, autotrader or CDK do that connection to youtube? I know they have their own video thing thing. But I am wanting it to auto generate and post.
mark rask
This sounds like a great idea....not quite sure of how it would work.
Jillian Marchewka
The closest thing that I could think would be using the desktop Picasa application and quickly manually creating picture-stitched videos with the "Movie Maker" and uploading to Youtube, because they are all owned by Google. Or you can use Picasa to upload your pictures automatically to Google Photo, and then you can go into Youtube's Online Video Creator, access them, and then quickly make videos like this one: It still requires a decent amount of DIY and not as much automation, but if you are trying to save a few bucks, it may be fairly easy to bam a bunch out. When you get your inventory caught up, it should be fairly simple to keep up with it...
Chris K Leslie
We used to have a vendor that did it I just cant remember who it was . Darn
Collin Davis
@Chris - CDK and Cars use the same stitched video solution (VideoLink from DMi via Liquidus: ). ATC supports all different types of video providers (they don't have their own). Perhaps you're thinking of FlickFusion or Unity Works? If I'm understanding correctly, you're just trying to publish your stiched-videos to YouTube automatically? What are you using to create the videos right now?
Collin Davis
Also, keep in mind you'll be limited to posting 1000 videos under one channel. Anything above that and you'll need to create another channel. I do a lot of video & channel management on YouTube and I always start with estimating a video library's size within 3-5 years, and then strategize how to divide it up into multiple playlists and/or channels (e.g. segment by new vs used, brand, dealership location, etc.)

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