Stop Ignoring Accessories!

Derrick Woolfson

One of the things picked up at this year's DSES conference was accessories. Customers want to purchase them BUT they are often unaware that your dealer even offers them much less the convenience of purchasing them through you. Heck, depending on the wanted accessory, they can even sometimes add it to their deal. Are you offering accessories to your customers? Our top accessory has been the all-weather floor mats "Mr. customer, to protect your vehicle for less than "X" amount (usually 50-60 cents, seriously) you can add these floor mats. Would you like me to add them for you?" 

Not saying it will work every time, but it certainly will not work if you do not ask them!! Have you had success in adding accessories to a deal?

Bart Wilson

This is a great point, and there is a lot to unpack here.

First, in your dealership who sells accessories?  Salespeople? Do you have a specific department?  If so, are they part of the sales department or fixed ops?

I think there is also a huge opportunity for content marketing online.  We need to do a better job explaining to customers WHY they should buy aftermarket products and services online.

Good stuff Derrick.

David Stringer

Can I get an AMEN...Dealerships that offer Vehicle Personalization increase CSI scores, decrease sales turnover, increase gross per vehicle and opportunities in F&I. It's not Rocket Science and it is complicated to get Sales, Parts and Service to play nice and make money together. 

It's about time we start a forum entirely dedicated to Vehicle Personalization! 

Derrick Woolfson

@Bart, the sales consultants are able to sell accessories, but depending on the item - we have also been offering them in our service lane. Never hurts to ask the customer, and as the weather is turning, people are more likely to spend 60-120 to protect their vehicle. Our F&I Managers can also sell accessories, this especially works if the sales consultant for whatever reason did not mention them during the sales process. 

Derrick Woolfson

@David, for sure - it adds "value" in their experience, and exactly! It is no secret that profit margins are thinning. And we know that the front-end gross on new vehicles is often non-existent. So every dollar on the front-end adds to the bottom-line, period. 

We talk often about the "customers experience," and offering them an "omnichannel"  experience, but tend not to discuss how it was executed, and or ways that dealers have implemented processes to enact on the change. 

I have seen in the last 4-5 years OEM's adding "loyalty" positions - whose purpose is to manage the "customers experience." Dealers have to wake-up and make the much-needed changes to their processes. 

Bart Wilson

At DSES we presented digital retailing research that shows customers want to purchase accessories online when purchasing a vehicle.  Anyone got a plan or is already doing well with this?

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