Tim Slattery
Just had a visit from They are a part of My dealership is in the Chicago land area, and they do not have any dealers out here. Has anyone used them, or have any recommendation either good or bad for me. Thanks Everybody, Tim Slattery Taylor Dodge Chrysler Jeep
Eric Miltsch
Nothing spectacular; I've had more traffic/activity to our site from a single blog link over the past 30 days than I have from our entire inventory listed with them...(about 900 vehicles)
Jared Hamilton
Whats the model? Do you pay a subscription fee, or list all inventory free and only pay for leads? How do they charge?
Eric Miltsch
Free listings; the site itself simply doesn't show up high enough in the SERPS to justify the cost of the listing. They have their work cut out if they intend to compete in this space. Would be interesting to hear from someone who pays for the service.
Wei Yang
Me too =) I'm an early adopter so I choose to use many web 2.0 services but I'm curious if Superpages really has any clout on the web when Google, Bing and other services do such a great job at figuring out what you're trying to search for - even on a local level.
Tim Slattery
There are no set up fees! It is $600 a month, or free through dealer specialties. The $600 am month, garauntees you a 30 lead avg per month or a total of 360 leads in a year. If they do not get you 360 in a year you get 2 months free. There is a 90 day commitment, after that can end any time. customers that come in through them get a free 90 powertrain warranty. call tracking number included. also get vin optimization. I think that pretty much covers everything. It sound like the base package that I get for free through my dealer specialties is a waste. Their upgraded package sounds worth trying though. They just are no where in Illinois yet, and that kinda scares me.

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