Taking Photos In House - Help

Chris Comisky
We've been taking photos in house now for 7 years and the pictures are fine but we can't seem to find a reliable tool to take and upload. We used to take them all and slap on an overlay and upload manually. This took forever but it was accurate. We then went to Homenet Snaplot which was great technology but it never worked right. We left, went to Liquid Motors, again, great technology but very unreliable. Constantly calling support and getting things fixed. Does anyone know of a good tool for taking pictures / video and uploading using Android or iOS app?
Dara Moore
Chris you should talk to my boss Ron Zimmerman, rzimmerman@rairdon.com, for help with this. He established our in-house photo department from the ground up.
Evan Brown
We use a company called cDemo.. Great service at an affordable price if you are just looking for lot capture via an iOS or android app. The back end is nothing special but if you are looking to start shooting video then these guys have it figured out! However we just recently started shooting everything with DSLR and are editing the photo's because we wanted to up the quality. All in all though I would recommend these guys. Contact Adam Thrasher and he can take you through the app. http://www.cdemo.com/ Goodluck!
mark rask
We have been using liquid motors....minor problems at times
Big Tom LaPointe
talk to jay smithweck at www.autoexact.com / info@autoexact.com. he's not nationwide but has handles it for hundreds of dealers and Im sure would give you insight to what his people use, and they take / load 100's a day
Grant Gooley
cDEMO! Hands down :)

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