Target Closing Web and Phone Percentages for 2016?

Dan Sayer
We have an overall closing goal of 16% for web leads and 32% of all phone leads for 2016. This isn't a discussion about whether or not those are reasonable (I already know they're obtainable) but rather a question of if you have those broken out further by new and used vehicles. We expect an overall Lead to Appt Set percentage of 35% on web leads and 70% on phone. We expect an overall Appt Set to Show percentage of 75% for both web and phone appointments. We expect an overall Shown to Sold rate of 60% for both web and phone. My question is do any of you have these same type of targets structures but separated out by new and used? I can pull data for where we are currently in eLead but am struggling to come up with the math on how to separate out those targets, and stages, by used and new. Thoughts?
Joseph Fletcher
@Dan, in my experience and in my expectations for my BDC New will always close higher than used especially if you are utilizing third party. If I were to use just my website lead forms we closed at 22.7% for new and 9.87% used. This was also making sure that leads were being parced in properly to reflect a new or used status. Once you add in 3rd party leads the spread remained just as wide just on lower closing percentages especially when you include your TiM numbers. I tend to focus more on the New side as this is typically our generator for the used vehicles that will eventually represent the used side of the lead spectrum.
mark rask
we expect to close at 20 pct on new car leads and 15 pct on used.

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