Telemarketing An Outdated Strategy?

David Zotti

Haven't seen much discussion on here about telemarketing. Is anyone on here doing buying phone lists and making phone calls?

Having much sucess in digital marketing. I believe Telemarketing is not something we should be using in the car business with all the technology and modern strategies we can apply in our operations. To me, telemarketing is a very desparate form of marketing, and using it in a dealership environment I think would give a store a negative image. I can see it getting a few customers, but I think the negative reputation would outweigh the one sale in this scenario

What's everyone's thoughts on buying phone lists? 


Leila Mozaffarian

I think telemarketing is somewhat helpful but most dealerships have moved/are moving towards Digital Marketing. At the same time I think it is a matter of the form of communication you use. A lot of people are too busy for answering phone calls but you can always reach them via text - to be clear, I do not mean spam texting. Making your existing business number textable could help you advertise having texting on digital media platorms so that customers can click a button and start texting you. That way, they started the conversation instead of spending hours on end making phone calls to you - which they are too busy to usally answer anyways.

These are just my personal thoughts. Hope it helps.

mark rask

We only call customers that we feel have the potential of being in the market

JP Arizona

Always keep notes on all your leads and be able to sort them out. You could be helping them with a lower rate or putting those repair costs towards a new car. Without notes, and having a strategy before calling your looking at another higher turnover rate of salesmen.

Example: today you are trying lower apr calls: sort by high intrest rate 8 months ago and get them back in for a lower rate and newer model vehicle...
Example,  service to sales: sort by cost of repairs and try seeing if they want that money spent towards a new car..

Good Luck!!

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