Text Blasts

Derrick Woolfson

Has anyone ever done a text blast? I have the ability to do so in the CRM, however, have not executed one yet. For those that have done this - what was the primary goal/content? 

I could see using this for customers w/ service/sales appointments and we have had to close to in-climate weather, etc. However, as for sales/service offers, not sure how I would approach this. 

Chris K Leslie

We use DealerSocket and I am pretty sure I dont have the ability to do it. I would if we could though. 

Bart Wilson

It seems like you would need to be careful with this.  How would you use it if you could?

Derrick Woolfson

I would use it selectively, and one thing I would like to try it for is declined services. So rather than it being a global blast, it is specific to the services the customer has declined, as emails - while we do get results - are not as effective as a text. 

Marie Nies

Do your current customers prefer text ? If not, run a test if you will to find out. Ask your future leads or customers for the next 30 days if they want email or text notifications. Curious to hear what the response would be. You could add this question to your landing pages, phone scripts, etc.....and then add that data to your system. 

Mark Rask

Lots of laws around this 

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