Text capable CRM

Erin Zaborac
Is anyone using a CRM that has the ability to send individual and/or group texts directly from it rather than using a third party vendor? How do you like it?
Bryan Armstrong
Vinsolutions does and records it in the Customers profile. Works great for Service authorization and getting in contact with i-net leads that don't answer a phone but will return a text???
Hunter Swift
DealerSocket does it as well. Its called SocketTalk. SocketTalk Text is a true texting tool, not email-to-text! •Opt-in and opt-out compliant! •Notifier displays instantly •Send texts based on sales, services or quality assurance events •Access chat displays and history of texts sent and received •Mobile links activated •Instant event access •Updated communication preferences Screenshot: http://www.dealersocket.com/nada2012/assets/socket_talk.png
Megan Barto
I use google voice for EVERYTHING. When using Google Voice in Google's Chrome Browser, you can text (& call) directly from your browser. You can then copy/past the text transcripts into your CRM to have a record of it.
Hunter Swift
Be careful using text messaging which is not Opt-in and Opt-out compliant like Google Voice which is intended for individuals and not companies. This is a huge risk for dealers. A particular dealer group is facing a $2.5 million lawsuit for sending text message to people who didnt opt-in.
Megan Barto
Hunter, thanks for the warning. We use it sparingly & typically, when we do use it, a customer initiates the text messaging. It's just a convenient way to keep all of our text messages/voice mails organized together!

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