Texting Compliant App For Sales Agents?

John  Vincent

I am looking for an app that I can have our sales agents download to their phones that will make all their text message communications to customers TCPA compliant. We have SocektTalk through DealerSocket but it is so limited in it's functionality. The big issue is that it cannot text images at all so we run the risk of sales agents sending pictures of their business cards or interior shots of vehicles to phone ups/internet leads (at the customer's request) without a proper written opt-in. You also have the potential of that person getting let go and now that whole conversation is on their personal cellphone and not in our CRM. Does anyone know of an app or service out there that is TCPA compliant that will integrate with a CRM or has a admin level dashboard where we can monitor all communications? 

Tori Zinger

Following! I've heard some chatter about various CRMs and whether they do/do not provide this capability, so I'm interested to see if anyone has some good suggestions; you can also check out the VendorRatings on this site to see what's out there and what capabilities each solution has.

John  Vincent

Thanks Tori, I am currently not aware of any CRM that has the ability to send images with a texting tool through their CRM mobile app. DealerSocket lets you attached images with email on their app but not through SMS. 

Derrick Woolfson

Elead Mobile not only allows you to send photos, but they also allow you to send video within their app! 

Carl Maeda

Agree with Derrick, I've seen elead mobile and its' really good.

John  Vincent

Does Elead let you text the images to a customer or just email them through their app? Because dealersocket lets you email an image through their app but not through SocketTalk.

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