Texting with Car Shoppers

Denise Chudy

We have been testing mobile Vehicle Details Pages and found an interesting trend - when offered various ways to communicate with a dealer, more car Shoppers chose to text versus call, chat or email the seller. Clearly, text communication offers car Shoppers an easy and quick way to ask more about the car or set up a test drive with a greater likelihood of an immediate response to move the Shopping process forward faster.  

In speaking with a few of our customers, I found that many have not yet rolled out texting capabilities on their mobile sites, nor have they been trained on texting best practices and compliancy.

Does your dealership offer the ability for a car Shopper to text you directly about a vehicle? What about training - do you think you need to learn texting best practices or perhaps you feel that responding to a car Shopper’s text is simply “common sense?”

Chris K Leslie

I don't know exactly what you are suggesting as I don't see an argument to prove that dealers without text option are losing business. 

Are you saying that dealers without a chat option are losing business? 


Jim Webb

Texting best practices are very similar to best practices used with sales calls.  I am amazed at how many vendors who have never taken incoming sales calls or made sales calls are wanting to train on "texting best practices".  

The question about using "common sense" when responding to car shopper's text - I am not sure what you are referring to.  Common sense from a person that has no experience vs someone who has been in this role and has experience are 2 totally different perspectives on "Common Sense".

Denise Chudy

Jim, thanks for reaffirming what we are hearing. Our customers are saying the same thing about best practices in that they feel well equipped to handle texts, just as they do calls. Handing off the ready to buy shopper to the dealer as fast as possible so they can do what they do best - close the sale - is indeed the best path. 

Denise Chudy

Chris, our data shows that allowing car Shoppers to text increases the overall number of leads a dealer can generate and not necessarily replaces other forms like calls and email. The popularity of texting among millennials and the ease of responding with immediacy are benefits to offering text as an option. 

Vidushi Jain

At Braango, our internal stats shows response rate as high as 90% for inbound leads when average response rate for email is 6%. And, based on market stats, companies can achieve over 100% gain in lead conversion by using text. Here is an excerpt from my latest LinkedIn blog, more details can be found at here (https://goo.gl/UTkZ6j )




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