The benefits of using Craigslist in todays changing Market!!!

Kevin Liles
Do you use craigslist to sell vehicles? If so, which vendor do you use or do you do the post? Do you feel like it is working and are you posting in your market plus other markets? Any thoughts or ideas would be great.
mark rask
We used Detroit trading company for a while....they did a good job
Lauren Moses
I honestly hate Craigslist. The platform is really so out dated. Look into It originated around military posts but has grown more and more. It is much more user friendly and the listing look like something you would see on a commercial site with it having a profile picture for each listing. Definitely think if you want to list with something like that it's worth checking out.
Sam Kiesinger
I cannot tolerate the design of the site and wrote a few small programs that let me just type in the stock ID number, hit "repost" and it handles the reposting of ads so I can go about my day. I hated it that much. Ever since they started charging for their dealer ads at least in our area the whole sections completely cleared out and we've been cleaning up. The other dealers are edging back in now so we have more to compete with but it was a great ride. I work for a rural dealership and phone leads are 3:1 Craigslist versus I'm trying to get the sales team to track where the closing sales come from since phone numbers people use on the purchase agreement versus the one they called in with differ but so far our close rate appears to be pretty close, within a percent or two between and Craigslist so it's really the volume we get that makes the difference. Most DMS seem to be moving in the direction of adding CL posting to their set of tools. Shiftpoint, the one we use does and DealerTrack is currently beta testing the same feature. Test it in your area with a phone number you can track calls through. That's how we determined it was worth it for us last fall when they started charging.
Matt Kelley
Craigslist posting software is still our number one driver of traffic to our website. That tells me dealers are still looking to post and looking for cheap and fast ways to do it, even with the $5 fee. But, because the markets vary so much the only real way to know if it's worth it to you is to post some and see what results you get. Make sure your ad has clear contact information and an easy to follow link shoppers can copy and paste for more info. The price change was not the only change to Craigslist over the past 9 months. Now you can not have links or images in the body of your ad. Craigslist is trying to keep traffic on their website and in doing so ads are very similar to each other so there's a lot of weight in the quality of the pictures you upload and the content in the ad description. Last note: Other sites like will not replace craigslist. Just because dealers stopped posting the same car 10 times in a month so they can remain at the top of the list doesn't mean car buyers have left craigslist. Craigslist is still a top 10 most visited site in America and most shoppers have never heard of backpage or any of the other sites trying to capitalize on craigslists' new fee. You may find more sites to post to but you won't find the buyers shopping there.

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