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Christopher Murray
As a manager I struggle with TTM (Time To Market) with my used cars. The reality is that it can be seven to 21 days before a vehicle has been "shopped", inspected, labeled, photographed and priced on the internet. I am not so much interested in how to get it down to 72 hours, etc... as much as I am interested in cold, hard facts surrounding the first 21 days on line. My feeling has always been the first 21 days sell the car on line and after that the chances are slim to none.
Dustin Lyons
One thing that we switched to doing with our used cars was detailing them as soon as we had our hands on them and doing the photographs and posting them online before they went into the shop. This seemed to speed things up for us quite a bit in terms of showcasing our inventory and starting to get interest on it. Of course every once in a while we did run into having customers that wanted to see the vehicle when it was still in the shop, but it usually didn't seem to be much of a problem.
Robert Karbaum
Hey Chris, If you could detail your process, maybe we could examine a little better. 21 days TTM is far, far, faaaaar too long.
mark rask
I agree with Robert
Shannon Hammons
Chris, 21 days can hurt. Sometimes we find this happens here as well. It's a fine line to find a quicker way. We have tried it all, and we are down under 10 days average, but we still have a few that get by. Mainly it has been an issue of getting service and our Quick Lane on the ball quicker
Joel Trout
One example of why it is critical to get your vehicles through recon, or at least photographed as soon as possible is If you use them, look at your page views over time data. You will usually have more activity earlier in the lifecycle than any other time after 30 days. Even if you drop your price. You want photos to help convert that activity to leads.

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