The Most Important Focus for Your Dealership or Company in 2014 is...

Russ Chandler
Nice article JD! I especially like the "Shopper Decision Influence" for biased reasons and everything else is spot on. Do you have a website for your new company yet?
Dee Rawls
Great share as always JD... A priority my clients will have as 2014 comes rolling in is to identify vendor offered products and services that have been optimized and are able to deliver verifiable Fixed or Variable ROI. This has been a pain for the industry since the internet emerged as the most effective marketing platform for automotive retail, and is still amongst the number one discussions I have with automotive internet professionals. Also, leveraging the power of social and video are important marketing initiatives for BDC, eComm, and Internet directors looking to make 2014 amazing.
James Klaus
To use the tools I already have to the absolute best of the programs ability i.e. CRM. To hold all vendors accountable. To truely learn the back end tool of all the programs I have signed us up for. To TRAIN, TRAIN, and then TRAIN my staff some more! Then to cut the fat, fire vendors that are under preforming and hire only the vendors who want to help my stores and are not afraid of the time and effort that it requires... TO BE THE BEST!
JD Rucker
Russ: Thanks! And yes, it's Dee: We gotta talk my friend. Been so busy and the flu has had me but I'm fighting through. James: Great feedback!

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