The Real Facts About CARFAX... 20/20 Investigation

Brad Hensley
Do you and/or your employees use the CARFAX brand to help sell? We do because we have to pay for it ($1,000.00+ per month) I can't even tell you how many times I have said "According to CARFAX..." Even when I am buying cars... if it has a clean CARFAX, that's all I care about. I don't even check for paintwork (unless its clearly noticeable).
Steve Devereaux
We do use it to sell our vehicles. We are in the process of giving AutoCheck a try. AutoCheck claims that they update their reports with accidents every 2 weeks where Carfax can take up to 200 days to report an accident. I've gotten burned on cars because an accident would show up on the Carfax 2 days after we buy it and the value drops $3000. And it's not a little accident. It says detail "Vehicle hit, Vehicle goes off road, Vehicle Disabled, Vehicle Towed etc."
Chris Hill
I have found that AutoCheck typically has more issues showing than Carfax does on certain vehicles. I can;t tell you how many times I see a accident on AutoCheck and not on CarFax. Not saying one is better than the other but this has happened to me multiple times and not the other way around.
Brad Hensley
I have issues with both and have used both for a minimal of a year each. AutoCheck is much cheaper but to resolve a issue you must take it back to the reporting location. We had an issue with AutoCheck claiming a car had frame damage however it did not. We put it on a frame machine, through our body shop and everything. It still had the factory welds on the bumpers. To correct this, we had to return it to the auction that reported it, get them to arbitrate it and re-report it. Our dealership is in East Tennessee... the auction was in Nevada...
Kevin Frye
I feel this piece is unfair to "Rico" and other dealers, as each of us pays a fortune to have the CarFax (or AutoCheck) solution in place, and we rely on these providers to show the most up to date info on these vehicles. From my perspective, the issue should be with CarFax and AutoCheck. I am not sure if the accidents on these vehicles were very recent, but if they were not, it should have been on the report.
Jon Groenig
When a customer requested a Carfax, I would litterally tell them the report was for entertainment prurposes only when I handed it over to them. I have seen several articles where dealers have been sued becuase the Carfax said the vehicle had never been wrecked only to find out it had been. I aslo agree with Brad on the auction comment, you have to skip over a nice car just because Carfax is reporting an accident, even though it looks great.

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