The Sweet Smell of Success

Denise Chudy

Can a pleasing scent really put your shoppers in the buying mood? 

I recently came across an article on AutoNews which I found fascinating. It was about a dealership in South Florida that pumps sweet smelling fragrances into its showroom to create a good first impression for prospective buyers. This strategy reminded me of the first time I smelled the white tea fragrance in the lobby of the Westin Time Square. Turns out that Westin bought into research showing that smell has a greater impact on purchasing than everything else combined. While scent marketing might not be at the top of the list in your marketing playbook, this dealer is clearly open to innovative thinking by trying new things that can give the showroom an edge and improve the buying environment.

Does your dealership use or would even consider using smell (or any other type of sensory-pleasing tactics) to enhance the experience for potential customers?

And if you're not doing something to create a great smelling environment, at the very least make sure the smell that hits people when they walking isn't a turn off. However, there's nothing like the smell of freshly popped popcorn in the dealership. People flock to it like bees to honey!!

Tori Zinger

Agreed, @Scott! People do love the popcorn (myself included)!

I think this is a great post, @Denise. Smell can have such a strong effect on us psychologically, but it's not typically something we consider when we think about the customer experience or dealership operations.

R. J. James

Yes Scott, people do enjoy the smell of freshly popped popcorn!  We have a Popcorn Machine in all three dealerships.  Also, there are a few Sales Consultants I have dubbed, Popcorn Doctor, because they do a better job of preparing the Popcorn... Never Burned, Evenly Buttered, Properly Salted, and they take the time to CLEAN the Popcorn Machine :)

Tori Zinger

R. J. James, "Popcorn Doctor." I love it!

@R. J. James I know exactly what you mean man, some people can make some good corn! :-)

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