Theater Pre-Show Advertisements?

Shannon Hammons
We do it here. We are in a small town, and mainly do it just to keep our name in front of people. We don't advertise cars or prices, just mor of a why buy message.
Michael Bilson
Great way to keep your name out there. Like a radio jingle. Does not convert into ROI and is hard to measure. Why not spend the same amount on something that will lead to instant results and sales?
Sam Kiesinger
Any recommendations? I'm completing my marketing degree and new to the car sales field, catching up as fast as I can on standard procedures.
Chris K Leslie
Small town or large. We all know what everyone uses when researching cars. I would say to use your marketing budget for Google Adwords and market each individual unit specifically. Doing adwords allows you the ability to change out your marketing on the fly to. So as soon as you sell something and take something else in. You are able to pause/stop the one campaign and then build the new campaign using your newly traded in vehicle.
Sam Kiesinger
We're in a small town (more of a four corners between mid-sized metropolitan areas on a main state highway) and have about 3 other dealerships around us. I will definitely be setting up an adwords campaign as soon as I have an official budget. I'm organizing all their financial information in preparation for their taxes, so after that's done I'll have an idea of how much I can set aside every month for marketing. Strangely enough we're getting more leads from Craigslist than Autotrader or right now, by a fair margin.
Sam, I'd also strongly consider running video ads on YouTube. It's really easy to re-purpose a long-format TV commercials - there are some tricks to leveraging YouTube that work in your favor (people have to watch the first 5 seconds, you're billed when they click SKIP, your Link or watch 30 always be over 30 seconds). I personally find YouTube pre-roll gets me the best response from consumers, followed by Google Ads Words (I own my own small business in addition to working in the automotive industry - so I'm really leveraging digital to drive my sales). Here is a short article I wrote back in April about leveraging YouTube to drive VDPs: James

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