Third party leads?

Bart Wilson

How reliant is your dealership on third party leads? Do they make up a high percentage of your total lead volume?

Jeff Bollinger

Historically they make up the bulk, but we've always found that their closing percentage is lower than our own websites; every couple months we deliver more from our website than from 3 parties combined 

Derrick Woolfson

Very, very little. Our success is with dealer website leads hands-down. 

Brian Nieves

38% of all our leads comes from 3rd parties. This is our second best lead source. By comparison our website produces 49% of all our leads. The bigger issue is our percentage of sales from internet leads. YTD 3rd parties account for 20% of our sales, while our website accounts for 71% of all internet sales.  We have made some key investments in our website this year along with more of an effort to drive customers to our website.


Chris K Leslie

The majority is vendor-driven leads however website leads are steadily increasing. 

Bart Wilson

@Chris, that's good to hear. How about OEM leads? Do you consider them third party or do they have a category of their own?

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