Third party listings don't appear to be producing actual sales.

Ron Henson
Sam, you may like this discussion and most likely have some valuable opinions to share in the thread:
Christopher Murray
Sam, I have posted on this extensively. My advantage over some is that I had a very accurate count of "hits" on my site before I added CDC and AT several months ago. I can say that the up-tick in web traffic is up well over a third yet the number of sales remains stagnant! My web closing percentage is going down every month also so we have redoubled our efforts at training to no avail....I have some of your frustrations!!!
Eddie Cawley
Sam, just a quick question, can you fill me in on your sourcing process? Are you having the salespeople do the sourcing interviews with the customer, happening in F&I, etc? If you can provide this we can definitely provide some feedback. Thanks!
Sam Kiesinger
I am building one from scratch since none existed before I started here. We do have the sourcing papers but I believe there is a fair bit of bias and prompting going on when the sales guys use them. The results are skewed in favor of each guys' personal favorite, haha. As it stands now I am monitoring the phone numbers as they come in from, AutoTrader, and Craigslist. If the sales guys get into a semi-serious conversation with them they end up being entered into the ShiftPoint software as a legitimate lead, otherwise they're in a notebook the customer name and basic information. At the end of every week I've begun exporting the "Sold" data from ShiftPoint to compare phone numbers on purchase agreements with those we have records of. That leaves room for error since people call in with work phones, or that of a spouse so I am setting up some scripts to dig through our email account for the names of people who also show up in our Sold records. If the email dates are close to the sale dates I can get a decent idea of where that customer first contacted us from. That should fill in the gaps and give me a better idea of where sales originate. I'm new to the industry and would appreciate any tips on how to get better sourcing information without the bias of our sales team or the sales guys from either CC and AT.
Jim Bell
I hate drinking kool-ade, but there is something to be said about having your inventory on both sites. It is sometimes hard to put the ROI on those sources except for what is trackable (phone call or form submission). I do know that there is a decent amount of floor traffic that will just show up. I've seen people walk in the door with print offs of different vehicles that we have in stock, but they never bothered to call or email. They just show up. It is almost getting to be like the old newspaper advertising since we all have to be so transparent on the internet.

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