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Drew Bettiol

Howdy All! 

So we have 2 PPC vendors which each one handles a different brand. Our Subaru has Vendor #1 and Our CDJR has Vendor #2

We are in the process of either dumping/Keeping Vendor #2 in favor/not for Vendor #1

What metrics such as (cost per click, Visits etc) should be used to determine who is the best fit based off performance from April 1st when we had both of these companies. My GM is trying to make the best decision and I am here to help him.

Drew Bettiol

This is for SEM only.

First thing I'd look at is through analytics. Create a segment that filters traffic to show how many users have been on your SRP and then a VDP.

For example, if you have a dealeron site you would check for traffic that went to pages starting with /searchnew.aspx and /searchused.aspx then the VDP traffic would be visits to /new-CITY and /used-CITY. These will vary depending on any adjustments you've made.

The second would be through AdWords to see how careless they have been with your CPC. You can check your columns in the Keyword section and see if you want to pay for first position or top of page on certain campaigns. Some vendors by default will allow your campaigns to overspend, especially branding ads. This is a good time to be mindful of who is stretching our your budget properly so that it doesn't spend out by 9am every morning.

Drew Bettiol

Wow. Great Stuff Melvin! thank you so much.

Drew Bettiol

I am still new to my Google Analytics so how do I create a filter specifically for SRP and VDP?

Sure thing hopefully it provides the insights you need.

You'll want to go to Acquisition -> Google Ads -> Campaigns, to first filter traffic by Paid Search traffic only.

Next you'll see a box with a blue pie chart that says 100% users, you'll want to create a new user list next to it and create a new segment. In the segment filters, filters it only to users who have visited pages that start with the URLs corresponding to your SRP and VDP pages.

Just go to the Advanced portion on the left and click Conditions, your filter should say "Page" and "Starts With", again for example if you have a CDK site, likely your VDP pages all start with /VehicleDetails/ and SRP pages start with /VehicleSearchResults.

Keep in mind there is a difference between /VehicleSearchResults?search=new&make=BRAND and /VehicleSearchResults?search=new&make=BRAND&. The first link should just be your default search results page, and the 2nd link will filter to anyone who's taken an extra step to filter their search. Use the data how you see fit... the & could indicate a more serious buyer or it could be useless data.


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